An iniatory journey in a new concept appealing to your five senses in the front row of wich the sight wich will entail you in the extraordinary universe of the vintage, industrial and underground furniture; then the hearing wich will like the sound of Pink Floyd, Queen, Lou Reed, and others Dire Straits to accompagny you; follow-up of the sensitive touch to the material, the irons and the raw woods that you will know how to touch, as well as the sense of smell and finally, at the heart of this journey, the taste filled by the small delicious dishes of the Micky’s Bar, his quality wines and its delicatessen.

The studio of architecture Brodard and Billiaert SA exists since 2001, date of the association of Bart Billiaert and Bernard Brodard strong of an experience of 25 years as independent.

Over the years, the studio has specialized in the accomodation under all its forms: individual, akin villas or twins, renovations and transformations, chalets, buildings in PPE or lots.

Our multidisciplinary team has for ambition to help you to realize the house of your dreams, by following you throughout this adventure.