The brokerage is an historical profession of Omnia Immobilier, that’s why, we have put high requirement in our quality service for a challenging clientele.

The francophone Swiss property market is complex and ask to have technical knowledge, legal and financial. By entrusting the commercialization of your property, you are guaranteed that the negotiation will be treated by serious and experienced professionals, choosing the adequate strategies to a transaction in the best conditions.



OMNIA IMMOBILIER offers a realistic and scalable management of your property. Whether you are a private owner, institutional or co-ownership, we accompany you in all aspects of building management and administration of co-ownership.

We guarantee you an overall property management by making available a dedicate team.

Ethics, transparency and respect in the conduct of our activities are part of the fundamental values of Omnia Immobilier.



Real estate development is above all a passion but also the challenge to propose innovative new project, meeting the legal requirements and in harmony with the needs and desires of the future owners.

Omnia Immobilier and its associates have been realizing since many years real estate promotions on the Lemanic arch and were able to create around them a strong network of dynamic and flexible professionals.


– Market study

– Site analysis and feasibility

– Preliminary due diligence

– The acquisition of the plot or the provision by the owner

– Project architecture

– Obtaining building permits

– The financing

– The commercialization (sell or rent)

– The construction

– The management, once the building is built and inhabited.

Each plot has its own specificities and we are ready to adapt to all project, we invite you to meet us to discuss your desires and expectations.



The valuation of a property is the starting point of marketing leading to success!

The whole team of Omnia Immobilier, due to its great knowledge of the real estate market and with the help of tools adapted to the different types of objects, will estimate your property at its fair value.

Omnia Immobilier also proposes to carry out complete appraisals of goods through its expert service. All the objects are treated professionally and objectively using the most sophisticated market assessment methods.