Our wish is to assist you in achieving your real estate dream!

Want or need to do some work ? Large or small, you are at the right place !
Not sure where to start ? How long will this take, and how much will it cost ?
Looking for someone trustworthy to realize and respect your renovation projects?

We offer you a progressive estimate cost based on what you want to achieve.
Our work will then be to get you the best price quality ratio by putting in competition the various service providers we are used to work with.
Our role will be to lead the site to defend your interests and meet deadlines within budget. For full transparency, we will make you take advantages of all discounts that we have from our providers. Our fees will then be set on the percentage of the amount of agreed works!

Because one is more efficient as a team, Omnia Real Estate relies on a team oflistening, dynamic and flexible professionals, where everyone shares the same objectives and the same desire to offer the best of himself in each of our projects.